Hi there, I'm Elaina...


Owner, Designer and Photographer. A hands-on creative and stickler for details. A little bit introverted and slightly obsessed with the number 8!

I enjoy working with a variety of clients from small to large and get a real kick out of seeing businesses succeed and grow. One of the most interesting parts of running a design studio is the wide range of industries we work with from health, education, accounting, construction, events, tourism and hospitality, just to name a few.

With over seven years experience in design, a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management, and many years working in the tourism and wine industries, I founded The Eight Project in 2015.

I'm lucky enough to share an office space with two little Burmese creatives called Eddie & Pixel with big Peter Pan like personalities. Currently my nerdy passion is learning to code and online marketing. When I’m not in front of a computer, it’s downtime at home or peddling around on my mountain bike. Oh, and may favourite icecream is Oob Peppermint Chip, but our local supermarket doesn’t seem to be stocking it any more so I’m just working through that!


About The Eight Project

Think. Create. Give.

The Eight Project is a small freelance graphic design studio with a big heart! We are driven to succeed with a passion to create beautiful design and content for every person we work with. Our goal is to help you build your individual brand identity. Whether you need to create a powerful brand, an eye catching and engaging website, custom designed logo, a business card and brochure to capture that important first impression, or any other professionally designed material. We will collaborate with other industry professionals when needed to make sure we've got you covered.

The Eight Project exists with a passion to give back to our world when possible, with time or $.


Why The Eight Project you ask?

Yes, I do have a slight obsession with the number eight. It’s perfectly balanced, cyclical and means good luck in some cultures. The Eight project is built with eight core values. It’s a no frills business, just good honest design, bringing your project to life. Not to be mistaken with behind the eight ball, but more the number 8 wire!


My goal is to...

. . . strengthen your business brand identity and produce design work that effectively communicates your message and the core values of your business to your customers.


Home office accessory kit

Home office accessory kit